Movshovich Consulting is a purpose-driven consulting firm that helps companies solve business problems and build for the future. We are focused on helping founders and CEOs of startup companies push the boundaries of what's possible. Our clients come to us to find new ways to accelerate innovation, do more with less, get to market faster, create experiences their customers love, and build operational muscle for sustainable results. 

Ilya Movshovich, Executive Director of Movshovich Consulting, has years of experience building and managing successful startup companies. 

Chief Business Officer at TransferTravel

VP of Partnerships at Trucker Path

Mentor at Comet Labs

Advisor at Plug & Ride

Author of The Stress of being a startup founder



Ilya Movshovich works with all stages of startups and emerging growth companies. He provides tools and processes that were designed for startups and battle tested in startup environments. He works with companies on the implementation aspects of their business strategy, including guidance on raising capital, from early/seed stage, through initial proof of concept, to growth and market expansion, and possible exit options.


What is business consulting?


Ilya sees business consulting as providing guidance and tools in the execution of a business venture. Key activities can include development of an annual operating plan based on your strategic plan; business process improvement including decision management and product planning; sales process improvement including sales and business development recommendations; change management; talent identification, hiring, on-boarding, and management; and navigating through rapid growth. 

What are Movshovich Consulting’s business consulting priorities based on?


In all phases of growth, the most important thing is to have a strategy that works, that delivers revenue growth and eventual profitability growth. This means that the business model has to make sense. It also leads to raising capital in the most efficient ways possible. Ilya has vast experience and can be a “guide by your side” in all of these things.


Developing a Strategic Plan, a Business Model, and a Pitch Deck Suited for Raising Capital for Early-Stage Startup Companies.

Using a strategic planning process and other tools Ilya developed and refined over the years, Movshovich Consulting aids clients in being prepared to raise growth capital from the right investors, including Seed Stage and Series A financing.

Ilya works with early stage startup companies to make a business plan outline that will aid in the process of product refinement, identifying key markets and customers, and thus streamlining the process for raising capital. This starts with a complete market assessment, situation analysis, product planning, identifying competitive advantages including the sustainability and layers of competitive advantages, and protection of intellectual property (IP). Ilya can help to formulate and refine your vision and initial product ideas into an actionable plan.


Ilya will use his market knowledge and product validation tools to prove, and add credibility to your business model.


Driving Initial Revenue and Growth and Raising Growth Capital.

One of the most difficult aspects of starting up a company is finding the first customer and driving initial volume with them. Ilya has years of experience in doing just that. Ilya will help you define and refine new product concepts, and refining the product plan for serving the target markets and customers, while outflanking the competition. He will help your company build the right business partnerships that strengthen your competitive positioning and build depth in your customer relationships.

As hard as it is to get the first customer, it is just as difficult to drive your products and services into the broader market. Movshovich Consulting can aid in this process. Our approach is to build the ecosystem of partners and customers in advance of initial product success to help drive revenue growth quickly for your company.

In this more rapid phase of growth it is critical to pursue new customers and new markets in a systematic way that can be supported by a young company without it being crushed by its own initial success. Ilya Movshovich knows how to do this. He can also guide your company in raising capital during this Series B and Series C phase of growth.

Change Management.

There are times when a company needs to change direction or change players on the management team. Ilya can help company founders and CEOs navigate through this process.

Aren’t consulting services too expensive for startups and emerging growth companies?


Ilya strives to bring the best management consulting services at competitive fees that deliver significant value for entrepreneurs and startup CEOs. He brings best in class capabilities in a practical no-nonsense way at cost-effective management consulting rates.

We are fortunate to live in one of the most awesome places in the world. Companies are attracted to Silicon Valley and the Bay Area for the entrepreneurial and creative nature of the region. Ilya Movshovich and Movshovich Consulting can help startups get off the ground and help later stage companies drive explosive growth.

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